The Future

When are you come ?
I always wait for you
It’s not a short time
I always wait for you by climb the ladder of the times…

Wait…wait…and wait
Sometimes, I feel bored to study
I’m too tired!

I know you will come to me, If I’m patient to wait you
With the heart that fulfilled by the faithful
With love and the strength
I promise…
I’ll be a good child
That’s very patient to wait you
With study
And I will try still to climb the ladder of the world

I know, the sun will accompany me
The moon, the stars
They will be a good partners for me to still step together

Find you…
In the last ladder of the world
The way to be a leader, a good leader…

Don’t go to anywhere
Wait for me, until I meet you with all of my happiness and also my pride

BY: Betari Aisah

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